Why Activinsights?

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Why Activinsights?

Activinsights Ltd provide wearable technology solutions to monitor lifestyle and bring novel insights to the research and healthcare market in over 40 countries. Our technologies and data analysis approaches are supported by over 500 peer-reviewed scientific publications. We aim to be flexible and responsive in our approach, tuning our services to match individual customer needs.

Our relationships with researchers and leaders in public health give us unparalleled access to the evolving global health outlook.

Better performance

Activinsights’ measurement systems are uniquely fit-for-purpose. We do not have the compromise of having to use someone else’s product or to adapt it for a different purpose – we design and manufacture our own for the sole purpose of clinical measurement. Our high resolution, high precision, raw data outputs allow unrivalled access to different digital clinical measures with selection flexibility even after data collection.

We put your data first. We are proud of our technologies, but it is the data they collect that makes the difference. Getting the best and most data is critical to any study – our focus on data quality and adherence makes this happen.

Our expertise has been built through years of attention to detail in hundreds of studies. This knowledge allows us to train your sites and connect you to the best science around the world. Activinsights works alongside algorithm developers in academia to create the most accurate, sensitive, and up-to-date validated measures.

Giving more value

Activinsights’ peerless track record in the development and validation of novel digital clinical measures from wearable delivers credibility to your study outcomes. Our use of open data formats and published algorithms puts you in control of the data collected and ensures reproducibility.

The technology team at Activinsights are at the forefront of personal data management in Europe. They create open standards, chair groups on human-centric data governance and provide expertise to the commission. Our deep understanding of this complex space is available to all our customers.

Making it easier

Reducing the deployment burden is as important as reduced patient burden for study success. We seamlessly pair local customer service with global logistics excellence to be a reliable partner in decentralised trials. We know our products and their data better than anyone. Getting devices to participants and analysed data to statisticians is second nature to us.

Our dedicated team are on-hand to share experience and knowledge in trial design and protocols. We are happy to offer tailored advice, data services and support for study design, grant submissions and community-based projects.

Direct, personal communication is offered in a timely manner throughout your study. For more information please contact us on: +44 (0)1480 862082 or email [email protected].

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Arrange a trial today

To find out more about our products, and to arrange a trial in your practice or research, please call +44 (0) 1480 862082 or email.