Why Activinsights?

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Why Activinsights?

Activinsights Ltd provide wearable technology solutions to monitor lifestyle and bring novel insights to the research and healthcare market in over 40 countries. Our technologies and data analysis approaches are supported by over 500 peer-reviewed scientific publications. We aim to be flexible and responsive in our approach, tuning our services to match individual customer needs.

Our relationships with researchers and leaders in public health give us unparalleled access to the evolving global health outlook.

Our devices are scientifically validated, proven in the real world.

Activinsights provide the tools to measure participant behaviours accurately in a wide range of applications. Our in-depth knowledge of lifestyle analysis enables us to deliver reports and visualisations to healthcare professionals. Our technologies are robust and have been proven in both small scale studies and large international cohorts of over 10,00 subjects, resulting in over 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Scientifically validated, professional wearables deliver greater insight into sedentary behaviours and physical activity. These are important elements in driving behaviour change and ultimately having a positive impact on global health. Objective measurement will help to empower healthcare professionals to educate participants and improve health – delivering a preventative healthcare strategy for the future.

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We use transparent, open data protocols in all our products and services.

All our software is open source with a licence. Trust & respect for privacy are crucial for any research or clinical intervention. The Activinsights Band uses the Coelition global standard to give confidence and security to both participants and healthcare professionals. Activinsights support the data processing of the Activinsights Band for you, so that you do not need to worry about dealing with large volumes of raw data. Healthcare professionals therefore receive quick and readily available lifestyle reports to share with your participants. The system is based on behavioural event coding for interoperability with any measurement system or connected device.

GENEActiv allows researchers to have complete control of the data. Activinsights has no interaction at all with the data collected. This enables researchers to share algorithms and develop specific target population results to gain the answer to their own research question. We continue to encourage open source analysis techniques by actively investing in R through developing new raw data analysis concepts such as the Sedentary Sphere. We support the research community with open analysis tools and SDKs. In this way, GENEActiv remains an affordable and sustainable objective monitoring solution.

Activinsights considers every aspect of managing data including, collection, privacy and validation.

  • Our products are designed to be simple to use, enhance adherence and ensure devices are returned to researchers and healthcare professionals.
  • Our range of professional wearables are waterproof and robust, allowing deployment in many research and clinical scenarios
  • Information feedback is provided by the overall system not the device itself. Professionals receive the data first so it can be interpreted by them, for and with participants.
  • We build professional wearables with medical device grade materials and processes.
  • Our validated product range and long-standing experience in the research sector are integral to health applications.
  • Our accelerometers can be used on multiple participants, making it a low risk, cost-effective solution.

We are proud to offer continuous product and study support to all our customers.

Our dedicated team are on-hand to share experience and knowledge in trial design and protocols. We are happy to offer tailored advice, data services and support for study design, grant submissions and community-based projects.

Direct, personal communication is offered in a timely manner throughout your study. For more information please contact us on: +44 (0)1480 862082 or email [email protected].

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Arrange a trial today

To find out more about our products, and to arrange a trial in your practice or research, please call +44 (0) 1480 862082 or email.