Webinar: Measuring Lifestyle Behaviours and Their Health Impacts with Wearable Technology

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Our CTO and Founder, Joss Langford, recently hosted an informative webinar looking at why wearable devices are becoming more common in health and population surveillance. Joined by Melvyn Hillsdon from The University of Exeter, Joss discussed how wearable devices can be used to measure patient lifestyle remotely and provide detailed insights into behaviour, physical activity, and sleep patterns and the capabilities of wearable devices. The session also includes several case study examples.

If you missed this webinar, you can now catch up on YouTube.

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About Activity Informatics

Activity Informatics is a collaboration between the University of Exeter and Activinsights.

The University of Exeter and Activinsights have built a specialist research capability in human physical activity and behaviour measurement that draws on the strengths of each partner.

Activity Informatics is a complete service for public-funded research and clinical trials that want to use wearable sensors. The service is designed for health and population surveillance researchers and service providers, who currently use or would like to use wearable devices for the measurement of lifestyle, activity and sleep. The offering includes all aspects of trial management including deploying/retrieving devices, managing data and processing digital health biomarkers.

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Joss Langford – Chief Technology Officer & Founder, Activinsights
Melvyn Hillsdon – Associate Professor of Physical Activity and Population Health, University of Exeter



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