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Based on Established Research

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The first service of it’s kind on the market, Activinsights allows you to objectively measure lifestyle over 7 days.  It is based on the same scientifically validated technology that Activinsights use in GENEActiv (used by leading academics around the world to collect raw data for objective behaviour measurement research).  Take a look at some of the validated GENEActiv study publications here.

The easy-to-use, non-biased reporting that Activinsights provides allows you to:

  • Measure movement and intelligently determine behaviours
  • Assist in the diagnosis and management of specific conditions such as obesity, diabetes and circadian rhythm disorders
  • Discuss behavioural interventions with patients, backed up by real information
  • Prescribe other treatment as appropriate
  • Provide patients with a report to walk away with, with your notes & recommendations added