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For the vast majority of applications, GENEActiv Original is the most suitable device.  However, if you need:


  Original Sleep Action Wireless
GENEActiv OriginalGENEActiv SleepGENEActiv Action GENEActiv Air
Size (43 x 40 x 13mm)
Weight without strap 16g 16g 16g 16g
Sampling frequency range (Hz) 10-100 10-100 100 or 100010, 50, 100 or 500
with 20m range
Maximum logging period 45 days @ 10Hz 45 days @ 10Hz 12 hours @ 1kHz 8 hours @ 100Hz
Memory (non-volatile) 0.5Gb 0.5Gb 0.5Gb-
MEMS sensor
Acceleration range +/- 8g +/- 8g +/- 16g +/- 8g
Resolution 3.9mg 3.9mg 7.8mg 3.9mg
Waterproof to 10m Splashproof
Direct skin temperature sensor
Near body temperature sensor
Light sensor (3000 lux range)
Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
USB communication
Wireless communication
Live data streaming
Operating temperature 5 – 40 deg C
1 year warranty
GENEActiv OriginalGENEActiv SleepGENEActiv Action GENEActiv Air
Original Sleep Action Wireless

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