The original, wrist-worn raw data accelerometer

Designed for free-living public health research and clinical trials, the GENEActiv is lightweight, waterproof and neutral in design. It is low in burden for both patients and sites respectively, supporting deployment for maximising high resolution data collection of up to 1 month continuously.

Beyond actigraphy, the GENEActiv outputs tri-axial, raw accelerometery data with environmental light and temperature measurements. It is robust in objectively monitoring physical activity, sleep and everyday living behaviours reliably. Algorithms based on true raw data enable programmes to report digital clinical measures and investigate novel digital endpoints.

The GENEActiv can be worn by all age groups, from young children through to the elderly, with alternative body straps available. Find out more about how it works and if you’d like to trial GENEActiv in your research, or need some help planning a study, call us on +44 (0) 1480 862082.

  • Designed for 24-hour wear in both free-living and clinical studies
  • Unfiltered raw data output includes acceleration in 3 axes, physical activity intensity and sleep/wake measurements. A sample of the data GENEActiv outputs can be downloaded from our Downloads & Software page.
  • Open source analytics and open SDKs are available
  • Ambient light and temperature sensor provides valuable information about the subject’s environment
  • Ergonomic, aesthetically neutral design achieves maximum subject acceptance and wear adherence, particularly when worn on the wrist
  • Accurate, configurable clock allows data to be matched to reported activity or other measures

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Since 2008, Activinsights have been working together with world-established leaders in research and academia to design the best raw data devices on the market. GENEActiv has been proven in both small scale studies and large international cohorts of over 10,000 subjects.

As a waterproof, wrist-worn device GENEActiv is ideal for academic and clinical trial medical researchers investigating all aspects of daily life, including physical activity, sleep and monitoring interventional behaviour changes.

If you’d like to trial GENEActiv in your research, or need some help with a study, call us on +44 (0) 1480 862082.