How it works

Issue Device
Upload Data
Lifestyle Report
Re-issue Device

Issue Device

The quick set up allows participant information to be entered and the Activinsights Band to be fitted within just a few minutes.

Upload Data

Once the participant has worn the device for a selected wear period, the data can be uploaded wirelessly with a single button press. The lifestyle report is then generated automatically and available for discussion.

Lifestyle Report

The personalised lifestyle report empowers healthcare professionals with objective insights of their participant’s typical week. This supports dialogue around the diagnosis and management of conditions such as obesity, diabetes and sleep disorders. It also facilitates target setting through understanding and modifying lifestyle.

Re-issue Device

The Activinsights Band can simply be wiped cleaned and is immediately ready for reuse.

Lifestyle Reporting

Activity events are recorded by the Activinsights Band. This allows both the participant and health professional to view lifestyle patterns over a specified time period.

Daily Summary

A daily summary of the participant’s approximate total energy expenditure and steps taken is instantly visible in the overview.

Sleep/Wake Pattern

The detailed sleep/wake pattern analysis combines to provide deep insight into the participant’s circadian rhythm.

Event Marker

The participant can use the button to record specific events such as medication, pain episodes or even caffeine consumption.

Target Settings

Wear periods can be compared over time to show progress on key measures. Targets can be set automatically or personalised to provide achievable goals for the patient.

Download example lifestyle report