The Activinsights Band is designed as a convenient lifestyle analysis tool and for longer-term interventions. It has wireless communications and runs up to a year with no charging required. The device embodies techniques based on established research to determine a wide range of everyday behaviours.

  • Designed for healthcare professionals
  • Evidence-based lifestyle reports
  • 100% waterproof wristband
  • 1 year continuous battery life

A low risk, cost effective intervention tool

The easy-to-use, non-biased reporting that Activinsights provides allows you to:

  • Measure movement and intelligently determine behaviours
  • Assist in the diagnosis and management of specific conditions such as obesity, diabetes and circadian rhythm disorders
  • Discuss behavioural interventions with participants, backed up by real information
  • Prescribe other treatment as appropriate
  • Provide patients with a report to walk away with, with your notes & recommendations added

Empower your healthcare professionals today… choose Activinsights Band

Activinsights provide the tools to measure patient behaviours accurately in a wide range of applications. Our in-depth knowledge of lifestyle analysis enables us to deliver reports and visualisations to healthcare professionals. This new layer of insight supports the management of conditions such as obesity, diabetes, COPD, cardiac rehabilitation and sleep disorders.

Scientifically validated, professional wearables deliver greater insight into sedentary behaviours and physical activity. These are important elements in driving behaviour change and ultimately having a positive impact on global health. Objective measurement will help to empower healthcare professionals to educate patients and improve health – delivering a preventative healthcare strategy for the future.

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