Our Technology

The Activinsights offering is built on professional wearables, secure data infrastructure and validated algorithms. Our wearables are designed for health research and built in the UK to medical standards. They have low participant burden: robust, comfortable, and aesthetically neutral with no requirement for charging or direct feedback.

We have dedicated platforms for raw data and summary event data using open data standards, formats, and algorithms. Our global capabilities enable the retrieval of data from study sites, real-time data acquisition directly from the participant, centralised management, analysis, and API integration.


Flexible and precise measurement for innovative research and clinical trials

The GENEActiv is the original, fully waterproof raw data accelerometer which can be wrist worn; 24 hours a day – measuring activity, light and temperature continuously for up to one month.

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Simple, real-time lifestyle measurement for long-term deployment

The Activinsights Band is a low-burden, continuous assessment tool with in-field, wireless data transfers for up to a year without the need for charging.

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