Data Analysis

Activinsights offer several data analytics solutions. We develop our own products and services, frequently working on innovative digital projects with partners to deliver integrated solutions. We regularly provide both raw data and summary metrics to clients. Some analysis options include:

  • Open R markdown analysis tools provide convenient overviews of physical activity and sleep.
  • Our data platform has a portfolio of instant detailed lifestyle reports for healthcare professionals to share with participant’s.
  • Bespoke analysis packages are available across the entire range of our products and any other data source, connected device, wearable or app.
  • We support disease and/or population specific algorithm development

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Free-living Data

Activinsights provides professional insight into human activities and behaviour. Our world leading platform supports personalised health interventions, lifestyle, long-term condition management, research and behaviour change programmes. Low subject burden devices give remote monitoring capabilities in free-living conditions. This provides meaningful insights and metrics for researchers, clinicians, and participants to help treat, manage and prevent medical conditions.

We are committed to sharing open source analysis tools for non-commercial use. We also have the unique ability to support algorithm development and bespoke analysis capabilities. We can provide objective continuous monitoring of lifestyle outside the clinic environment to provide example insights into:

  • Detecting change in primary and secondary endpoints
  • Exploring novel digital endpoints
  • Recovery trajectories
  • Population segmentation
  • Patient adherence
  • Quality of life assessment
  • Measurement of side-effects

The platform can be used to identify patterns of behaviour, give predictions of the likelihood of meeting targets and provide alerts when lifestyle is declining. We have a dedicated data analytics team supported by several machine learning PhD programmes.

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