Data Analysis

Activinsights has developed and supports digital clinical measures in physical activity, sleep, lifestyle assessment, activity recognition, posture analysis and movement disorders.

We have a dedicated data analytics team supported by several machine learning and artificial intelligence PhD programmes. As part of a worldwide community, Activinsights develops and validates open algorithms for physical behaviour and lifestyle assessment. We create algorithms and process data (in R) for ourselves, our clients and within publicly funded research.

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Raw Data Remote Monitoring

Activinsights specialises in raw data accelerometery as the ultimate resource for continuous remote monitoring in free-living environments. This rich, precision data goes beyond traditional actigraphy to create measures of any movement-related symptom or disorder to single second accuracies in the field.

These behavioural events then build broader lifestyle pattern measures. Activinsights’ open-source analysis tools can be used for non-commercial and development purposes to provide overviews of physical activity and sleep. Our ability to support algorithm development and bespoke analysis capabilities allows us deliver insights into:

  • Recovery trajectories
  • Patient adherence
  • Preventative medicine
  • Side effects measurement
  • Quality of life assessment
  • Population segmentation
  • Long-term condition management
  • Independent living

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Data Platforms

Our data platforms underpin clinical trials, public health research, personalised health interventions, and behaviour change programmes.

The GENEActiv is supported by raw data infrastructure on a secure Azure platform for data retrieval, back-up, analysis, and integrations for data delivery via application programming interfaces (APIs).

The Activinsights Band uses event data infrastructure following the privacy-by-design OASIS COEL global standard for Internet of Things (IoT) data hosted by Fujitsu in England in ISO 27001 facilities. The infrastructure allows data acquisition directly from the participant in real-time and provides instant meaningful lifestyle reports for healthcare professionals.

Cross-platform apps and software development kits (SDKs) enable the pseudonymous upload of data from study sites and participant devices. Activinsights data services are based in the UK under European GDPR regulations.

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