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Converting between estimates of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity derived from raw accelerations measured at the wrist and from ActiGraph counts measured at the hip: The Rosetta Stone

Author(s)Brazendale K, Beets M W, Rowlands A V, Chandler J L, Fairclough S J, Boddy L M, Olds T S, Parfitt G, Noonan R, Downs S J

Wrist Acceleration Cut-points for Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity in Youth

Author(s)van Loo, C. M. T.: Okely, A. D.: Batterham, M. J.: Hinkley, T.: Ekelund, U.: Brage, S.: Reilly, J. J.: Trost, S. G.: Jones, R. A.: Janssen, X.: Cliff, D. P.
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