PRESS RELEASE – CRDM Expertise used to create health device – Machinery’s Subcontract Selector – April 2011

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CRDM expertise used to create health device

CRDM, the provider of rapid prototyping and plastic parts production services, was contacted by ActiveInsights to help create GENEActiv, a body-worn accelerometer, which measures and tracks everyday physical activity undertaken by a person in all environments.

CRDM won the contract to produce the tooling for the plastics that house the instrument as well as the charge cradle. In addition to this, CRDM was responsible for a significant part of the assembly process.

In order to build the GENEActiv monitor, CRDM worked with its Far East suppliers to ensure production quality tooling for the three main case parts. The lens was ultrasonically welded into the top cover and then had a further assembly stage where o-rings and contact pins were fitted. This subassembly was then fully leak tested before being shipped off for the next stage of assembly.

The low volume of charge cradles required allowed the aluminium tooling to be manufactured in CRDM’s in-house facility. A total of six moulded parts housed a printed circuit board which had to be carefully soldered to delicate contact pins. This assembly was fully tested, finished and shipped.

CRDM project managed and sourced the production tooling, working with an external design house and provided CAD services where appropriate. During the product development process, CRDM assisted with stereolithography and selective laser sintering technologies for prototypes and additional needs. Stereolithographic assembly jigs are now in place at SMS Electronics, who manufacture the electronics, and at Warwick Laser Systems, who laser weld the case halves together and laser mark the serial numbers.

CRDM was also required to source a number of standard components, as well as custom materials (such as serial number labels) and use subcontractors for tasks such as ultra sonic welding.

CRDM chairman Martin James comments: “The GENEActiv project has been a milestone for CRDM as, while we have successfully completed assembly jobs before, none of them involved so many disciplines and departments. This is a strong indication of how CRDM is able to adapt and take into account the needs of the client as a whole. This project has been a great success and should become an ongoing job for CRDM. I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved as a team.”

Michael Richards