Predicting life-threatening arrhythmias in cardiac patients using artificial intelligence and wearables

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Four specialist healthcare organisations are collaborating on a €1.8M project to improve the prediction of lethal cardiac arrhythmias with co-funding from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK as part of the EUREKA Eurostars programme.

The SafeHeart project will create a preventive, personalised and fully integrated mobile health system that empowers patients who have cardiac implanted electronic devices.

Over half of patients with cardiac implanted electronic devices die within 5 years of implant. Clinics are in urgent need of tools that can detect early signs of worsening disease in order to safely manage these patients and improve outcomes.

SafeHeart builds on many years of successful collaboration between the project lead, Vital Beats, and Denmark’s leading cardiac disease centre at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. The project brings in clinical experience from Amsterdam University Medical Center and professional wearables from Activinsights in Cambridge.

Over 3 years, SafeHeart will combine Vital Beats’ existing platform with wearable technologies from Activinsights, working with patients in clinical settings in Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Artificial intelligence techniques will be used to analyse heart data from cardiac implanted electronic devices, physical behaviour from the wearable and information reported by the patient through the app. The resulting predictions will be tested by researchers at Rigshospitalet and Amsterdam University Medical Center to create novel and essential real-time health data feedback for clinicians and patients.

SafeHeart will be a major breakthrough in the cardiac field, uniquely offering arrhythmia prediction, live patient monitoring, and alerts 30 days before deadly cardiac arrests.

Activinsights, Technical Director Joss Langford says, ‘We are proud to be supporting the SafeHeart project with Activinsights wearable devices. We value this opportunity to learn how our technologies can improve patient outcomes and create a deeper understanding of the impact of lifestyle on cardiac health. Working alongside such an experienced team with remote monitoring approaches is an exciting opportunity for us here at Activinsights’.

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