Actigraphy and accelerometry in sleep

Actigraphy is a well-established tool of sleep science. It allows the objective monitoring of sleep duration, onset, rise time, interruptions, and sleep quality.

Accelerometry is entirely compatible with these basic measures and has the potential to extend them considerably. Rather than process the sensor outputs into counts on board the device, accelerometry makes the high-resolution, raw measurement data available for analysis. Open algorithms can then reveal information about sleep postures, posture changes, sedentary vs standing sleep interruptions, frequency analysis and precise sleep event characterisation.

How our technology helps

For sleep researchers and academics interested in gaining rich, reliable, and accurate accelerometry data, GENEActiv is recommended. Designed for compliance in free-living scenarios it provides raw movement data, light, and temperature measurements for in-depth and novel sleep research.

The Activinsights Band advances current actigraphy in a comfortable and easy to use wrist-worn device. It recognises and characterises a range of basic human behaviours including sleep, outputting these in real time for up to a year without charging. The Activinsights Band is ideal for healthcare professionals wanting to investigate all aspects of daily life, including effective and compliant sleep monitoring within a clinic or participant’s home. This device is a useful screening tool prior to PSG for sleep and circadian rhythm disorders.

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