Actigraphy in sleep

We build objective, non-judgemental sleep and lifestyle reports. Activinsights’ professional wearables are validated by over 500 peer reviewed scientific papers and have been proven to show better sleep estimation than traditional actigraphy. They provide invaluable information when screening and planning effective interventions in all age groups.

How our technology helps

As a wrist-worn device, the Activinsights Band is ideal for healthcare professionals to investigate all aspects of daily life, including cost-effective and compliant sleep monitoring within a clinic or participant’s home. The device is comfortable, quick and easy to use. It can be worn for continuous 24-hour data collection to gain objective sleep monitoring information through the provision of detailed sleep/wake pattern analysis. The Activinsights Band is a useful screening tool prior to PSG for sleep and circadian rhythm disorders.

For sleep researchers and academics alike interested in gaining rich, reliable and accurate actigraphy data GENEActiv is recommended. Designed for compliance in free-living scenarios it provides raw movement data, light, temperature and posture change measurements for in-depth and novel sleep research.

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