The benefit of raw data accelerometery in research

Raw data provides superior opportunities to maximise the value of objective data collected within specific populations. From cardiovascular rehabilitation and quality of life measurements in pre- and post-surgery recovery outcomes to understanding specific behaviours related to diseases, such as tremor in Parkinson’s or posture changes to measure sleep quality in children.  Daily and longer-term lifestyle patterns can be established from rich data acquisition to infer the impact of disease progression, behavioural interventions and drug therapies. These digital measures can be used for the assessment of clinical outcomes and biomarkers in the following areas:

  • Endpoints
  • Quality of life assessments
  • Patient adherence
  • Side effects
  • Recovery trajectories
  • Population segmentation

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How our technology helps

The GENEActiv is a medical-grade wearable with scientific validation in over 40 research applications. Its neutral design enables 24 hour participant data collection with the benefit of fewer site visits, reducing the burden on both patients and sites alike. The raw data provides the best opportunity to discover the intricacies and context of people’s daily lives to create a comprehensive picture of an individual’s lifestyle. Unfiltered data in SI units with reliable timestamps provides an ideal format to integrate with other measures.

The Activinsights Band is quick and easy to deploy for continuous health related remote monitoring, with instant lifestyle analytics. Patterns of physical activity, and sleep behaviours can be plotted to understand trends in behavioural interventions and clinical outcomes.