Wearable accelerometry provides an ideal method for recording different characteristics of physical behaviour

An individual’s physical behaviour describes their activities throughout day and night including sleep behaviour, daily activities, posture, sedentary time, and physical activity. It includes their patterns of behaviour and circadian rhythm while also encompassing physical activity (body movement that requires energy expenditure).

The use of accelerometers as a measure for continuous and objective quantification of physical behaviour in daily life has become the cornerstone of physical behaviour measurement, instead of (or in addition to) subjective self-report measures. Algorithms provide information about the type, duration, and characteristics of physical behaviours that make up daily living. These can include complex activity recognition in specific applications or more general intensity-based categorisation.

How our technology helps

Activinsights’ professional wearables are comfortable, waterproof, wrist-worn devices capable of measuring many aspects physical behaviour. They are ideal for researchers investigating all aspects of daily life, including physical activity, sleep, and performance monitoring in any age group.

The high-resolution raw data from the GENEActiv is an essential resource in customised physical behaviour research where specific measures are needed. From swimming stroke through to sleep staging, biomechanics, rehabilitation, and injury prevention – a professional, scientifically validated wearable gives health professionals and researchers valuable and actionable insights to deliver improved performance.

The Activinsights Band is regularly used in community behaviour change and lifestyle referral services. It can be quickly and easily deployed to start collecting objective lifestyle data. This is often used as baseline data, which informs behaviour change programmes and enables personalised goal setting based on an individual’s day-to-day life.

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