Our professional wearables are designed for everybody: from sports science to personalised behaviour change.

From stroke analysis in swimming through to sleep, biomechanics, recovery and injury prevention – a professional, scientifically validated wearable can give coaches, sports professionals and researchers valuable and actionable insights to deliver improved performance.

How our products help

As a waterproof, wrist-worn device GENEActiv is ideal for sport science researchers investigating all aspects of daily life, including physical activity, sleep and performance monitoring in any age group.

GENEActiv provides the opportunity to optimise training programmes to deliver improvements in technical performance within elite sports using accurate tri-axial accelerometry data. Through gaining accurate lifestyle insights, feedback can be tailored to the individual. In addition, understanding the effect of fatigue on recovery and objective sleep monitoring can be fundamental in improving performance.

To look at the impact of sleep on performance within a team the Activinsights Band may be more appropriate in providing a quick snapshot of their sleep and behaviours.

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