Professional wearables have a beneficial role in a wide range of applications from behaviour change to sports science.

Accurately understanding the patterns of our activity, sleep, work and leisure is central to making changes for the better. Objective monitoring and personalised lifestyle reports can engage and promote positive behaviour change, whilst setting tailored goals. This can be helpful in the management of obesity and behaviour change interventions.

How our technology helps

Based on established research, the Activinsights Band is regularly used in community behaviour change and lifestyle referral services. It can be quickly and easily deployed to start collecting objective lifestyle data. This is often used as baseline data, which informs behaviour change programmes and enables personalised goal setting based on an individual’s day-to-day life. With a long battery life, the device can be worn continuously to monitor progress. Objective measurement will help to empower healthcare professionals to educate participants and improve health.

Lifestyle insight is central to the provision of personalised medicine. GENEActiv enables behaviour change research to be carried out, where high frequency raw data is required for developing new analysis techniques.

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