Goldsmith’s study using GENEActiv features in the NewScientist

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The NewScientists features a Goldsmiths, University of London, study run by Chris Brauer earlier this year, using our GENEActiv accelerometer.

The article ‘Wearable tech lets boss track your work, rest and play’ looks at how our lives will change as more firms digitally monitor their employee’s movements and health, at work and beyond. As a result from the devices recordings, detailed profiles of individual employees can be created based on their lifestyle, exercise and sleep habits.

Employees wore the waterproof GENEActiv accelerometer wristband, along with two different types of activity trackers as they worked.

“After a month, productivity had risen by 8.5% and job satisfaction by 3.5% overall. Most improvement was seen in employees who wore passive devices that collected data quietly rather than interrupting with ongoing feedback.”

Brauer says, “In the future, bosses could rely on such profiles of their employees to make daily decisions depending on who’s had a good night’s sleep or a sudden burst of productivity.”

The article concludes with discussion around the boundaries on where your job ends, and home life begins.

This work relates to another article ‘Workplace wearables: Your boss knows when you’ve had a good night’s sleep?’ This CNN article highlights Dr. Chris Brauer’s research involving GENEActiv in more detail.

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