GENEActiv used for sleep research in Channel 4’s biggest public health programme this year

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We have exciting news! We are proud to announce that our range of GENEActiv products are being used for sleep research in Channel 4’s new public health series ‘Bedtime Live.’

‘Bedtime Live’ is a 6-part series starting this Tuesday 19th March at 8pm, looking into the problems that surround teaching children how to sleep and the variety of sleep issues children suffer with, from the everyday to the more uncommon. The programme uses interactive technologies, such as GENEActiv, to highlight how important it is to get a full night’s sleep and unravel the science behind sleep deprivation.

One element of ‘Bedtime Live’ focuses on how teenagers might not be as lazy as their reputation would suggest, putting to the test teen sleeping habits, study techniques and obsession with modern technology, to show that just an extra half hours sleep can easily push that GCSE B to an A. This is where GENEActiv comes in – monitoring anxiety and its
link to sleep, and adolescent circadian rhythms. Theories on the ‘lazy teen’ and how puberty may affect their internal body clock will be tested through studying their sleep behaviour’s during a normal school week compared to another week where school starts 1 hour later. Another strand of their investigations focuses on the exams, targets and even more exams teenagers now face and how anxiety affects sleep, through monitoring some student’s sleep the night before an exam compared to a normal school night.

‘Bedtime Live’ will also be looking into the best routines for putting a child to bed, and helping parents whose children are experiencing a range of sleep issues and have no idea where to turn. Top TV child psychologist Professor Tanya Byron, along with a team of sleep experts, will aid families at bedtime during the live shows and offer on-going advice to parents who get in contact. They will also stay in touch with families that are filmed over the series and do their best to fix any issues. In addition, it puts sleep-deprived parents to the test to find out who’s more lethal behind the wheel of a car – a drunken mum or one that’s sleep deprived.

‘Bedtime Live’ is set to be Channel 4’s biggest public health programme of 2013 and with the help of GENEActiv they investigate just how much sleep our teenagers really need, so be sure to tune in to find out more.

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