Study Help

Study Help

We are happy to offer guidance in study design protocol. This for example, includes discussing the resources required for your study – the number of units you may require for the study, along with considering logistics and in-house data management services to maximise your budget allocation.

Each study set up is different; for more information on how we may be able to help you please contact us on:

+44 (0)1480 862082 or email [email protected]

Information for use in grant applications

Activinsights Ltd is a UK company established in 2008, based near Cambridge. We design, manufacture and sell raw data tri-axial accelerometers (GENEActiv) to measure human movements and behaviours. We have been working with established world leaders in research and academia to design a wrist-worn, fully waterproof tri-axial raw data device that has been scientifically validated in both adults and children. Our units have been proven in both small scale studies and large international cohorts.

All data output from GENEActiv is open source to facilitate the user to be able to generate first-class data evaluation and output in unfiltered SI units, which together with reliable time stamps, provides an ideal format to integrate with other measures. Raw data provides the best opportunity to investigate the intricacies of people’s daily lives. Frequency-based data collection simultaneously allows the assessment of body activity, environmental motion and posture. GENEActiv products provide detailed information on daily behaviours, including sleep and allow classification of different types of sedentary behaviours. Whilst most users choose to deploy the unit on the wrist, it can be located at different locations on the body. A significant advantage of our device is subject compliance, as GENEActiv is generally worn on the wrist and is fully waterproof there is no reason for it to be removed and customers report high subject compliance.

All manufacturing and distribution is managed from the UK, supplying globally to the professional market. The compact, body-worn accelerometer measures acceleration, temperature and light exposure in all environments. This leading technical design offers high resolution raw data in an open format with a durable 2 month data collecting battery life, capable of recharging. Our open raw data format allows analysis approaches to be shared between all users and applications.