Downloads & Software

Downloads & Software

Here you will find a selection of software and documentation downloads that will assist with the installation and running of GENEActiv.  If you require more support, wish to talk to one of our technicians or wish to place an order, please contact us directly.  You may also find it useful to read our FAQs page, and we’ve also got a nice visual explaining how GENEActiv works.


  • GENEActiv Software Installer V.3.3 (zip)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (For customers that need previous software versions please contact us)
  • GENEActiv Drivers (.zip)
  • GENEActiv Example Run Data (.zip)

For more information about data analysis services please contact us.

GENEActiv R Markdowns

To watch the full working guide video on using the R Markdown software, visit our YouTube page.

To receive a .zip file of the Activinsights GENEActiv R Markdown analysis tools, please read the following licence terms, enter your email address and click 'Accept'.

These resources are provided ‘as is’ without warranty of any kind. The resources are openly available for the research community but are restricted to use within the Activinsights ecosystem with limited rights of redistribution. The agreement clearly states it can only be used for the non-commercial analysis of raw data. By clicking 'Accept' you agree to these terms. Usage is subject to the full licence agreement found in the .zip file.

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