Activinsights Band Support

Getting Started

Congratulations on your Activinsights Band purchase! We hope the information below assists you as a quick guide in setting up your Activinsights Bands.

Installing the Activinsights Band software

To start using the Activinsights Band you will need to install the software to your PC for the first-time. This can be done as follows:

  1. Download and save the Activinsights Band Set Up file provided by Activinsights
  2. Double click the Activinsights Band Set Up icon & follow the step-by-step, pop-up instructions
    1. It is recommended to install and save the ‘Activinsights Band Setup file’ to a location other than your Desktop. We recommend ‘Documents’.
    2. Do not delete the additional folders that it creates
  3. Upon first set-up, it will ask for a configuration file. Please use the configuration(.cfg) file attached to the email from Activinsights
  4. Set a location for Activinsights Band patient database to be stored
    1. If you have multiple users in a single clinic you may choose to save this folder ‘Data Store Setup’ to a shared file location, so all relevant users can access the patient database storage folder.
    2. Once you have set up the first user you can set up additional users to use the same patient database. For data privacy and security, only the local patient database has capabilities to connect the directly identifying information with the patient.
  5. Once completed there will be an additional, new icon on the desktop called ‘Activinsights Band’ – this is the only software needed going forward.

Setting up a new patient

  1. Open the Activinsights Band software
  2. Select ‘patients, issue devices, reports’
  3. Select ‘New patient’
  4. Complete fields on patient details
    Please note that no directly identifying personal data leaves the healthcare professionals PC
  5. Click ‘Register’
    The patient must give consent before registering

Setting up the device

  1. Click ‘Issue Band’
  2. Hold the silver button on the side of the Activinsights Band for 5-10 seconds
    (on first use you need to press the button twice)
  3. The Bluetooth symbol will turn from blue, to grey, whilst searching for the device to connect. The Bluetooth symbol will change to green when it is ready & you will receive a pop-up message.
  4. For first-time use select ‘Erase data without uploading’
  5. Then click ‘Temporary’ or ‘Permanent’ issue.
    This is dependent on whether you plan to use the same device on multiple participants, or just 1 participant for 1 year. If you are unsure it is best to select ‘temporary issue’
  6. A pop-up message will show that the device has been successfully allocated
  7. Fit the Activinsights Band to the patient’s wrist

Data upload

  1. Open the Activinsights Band software
  2. Select ‘Upload data’
  3. Press & hold the Activinsights Band button for 5-10 seconds
  4. A ‘data upload’ process pop-up bar will appear, showing that the atoms have successfully been uploaded.

The data has then been successfully uploaded, the device is ready to re-configure for further data collection or generate a lifestyle report immediately.

Generate a lifestyle report

  1. Click ‘Reports’
  2. Select the data collection period for which you’d like a report generating
  3. Click ‘generate report’
  4. A new PDF window of the lifestyle report will pop up. Please note that the lifestyle report visualises 1 week of wear time. The ‘report history’ can be viewed for each patient to show all previous reports