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Data Management & Analysis

To find our more about our tailored analysis solutions, please call +44 (0) 1480 862082 or email.

Data Management & Analysis

Activinsights provides professional insights into human activities and behaviour. Our data services are based on open standards and support data from any connected device or app.

We have used lifestyle insight from wearables and connected devices to digitally support healthcare services in over 40 countries around the world. We customise deployment, infrastructure and analysis solutions based on individual customer needs.

Data Management

Activinsights is a global, trusted source of behavioural insight for professionals who wish to develop innovative services to improve quality of life and performance. We use our experience of responsible data management to build new partnerships in all key markets.

The Activinsights Band uses our own data infrastructure, based on the Coelition global standard, to provide a complete, managed solution.

GENEActiv allows customers to manage all aspects of data within their own site or infrastructure.

Data Infrastructure

Activinsights measure, manage and analyse behavioural data to build digital services within healthcare and the Internet of Things (IoT).

We integrate data from our devices and customer data sources. Our unique, privacy-by-design IoT infrastructure is provided by Fujitsu. We use rigorous open protocols to manage behavioural information giving accountability and transparency to all our data subjects.

The secure infrastructure supports data interoperability, integration to existing systems and the consented sharing of behavioural data.

Data Protection

Our GDPR-compliant data services are hosted in England in ISO 27001 facilities and are built on the OASIS COEL open data standard to provide pseudonymisation at source.

Activinsights is required to register as a data controller with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) in our regulated environment (UK). Our registration includes details of the types of personal data that we process and the purposes for which they are processed. Details can be found by searching the ICO’s registration page.

Activinsights ICO Registration Number is: ZA258669.

We have a Privacy Impact Assessment for our data infrastructure and detailed privacy policies for our services.

We work regularly with customers to benchmark our information governance procedures to their existing protocols.

Data Analytics

Activinsights provides professional insight into human activities and behaviour. Our world leading platform supports diagnosis, personalised interventions, recovery, lifestyle management and behaviour change programmes.

The platform can be used to identify patterns of behaviour, give predictions of the likelihood of meeting targets and provide alerts when lifestyle is declining.

Activinsights offer several data analytics solutions. We develop our own products and services, frequently working on innovative digital projects with partners to deliver integrated solutions. Some analysis options include:

  • Open R markdown tools provide convenient overviews of physical activity and sleep.
  • Our data platform has a portfolio of instant detailed lifestyle reports for healthcare professionals to share with participant’s.
  • Bespoke analysis packages are available across the entire range of our products and any other data source, connected device, wearable or app.

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Data Management & Analysis

To find our more about our tailored analysis solutions, please call +44 (0) 1480 862082 or email.