A collaboration between GENEActiv and the Norwegian Orienteering team

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At a time when the success of London’s 2012 Olympic Games are resounding our British enterprise, Activinsights Ltd, are delighted to report on yet another successful collaboration, this time between GENEActiv and the Norwegian Orienteering team.

This challenging sport is about not only finding the finish line, but being the first to cross it using just a map and compass, until now…

Through Activinsights Ltd working with the Norwegian Orienteering Federation we have developed a body worn accelerometer, GENEActiv, which will guide athletes in their choices of track, speed and map use. Jan Kocbach, Performance Analyst of the Norwegian Orienteering Federation, explains why GENEActiv is better than other accelerometers on the market:

  • It’s a very small, compact device
  • Long battery, enabling the device to be used for the full 90 minutes athletes are running
  • Waterproof – GENEActiv can be used in all kinds of weather conditions

Norwegian Orienteering athlete, Anne Margrethe Housken, one of the best orienteering athletes in the world, highlights that when she is competing she is alone in her sport, out in the forest. Therefore the advantages of the GENEActiv device enable her coach to ‘see inside her brain,’ allowing him to see when she does and does not look at the map, when she perhaps should have done it more or for a longer or shorter period of time. For Anne it’s interesting to know how she looks at the map compared to her competitors.

GENEActiv monitors participant’s activities to better understand their athlete’s needs and as GENEActiv encourages the use of open source analytics it means they can test different algorithms with the data and help build applications that are right for them in the sports sector and can then be shared.

Thanks to the Enterprise Europe Network, the Norwegians are improving their athlete’s performance and our SME, Activinsights Ltd, have found a new customer base in athletes with GENEActiv, confirming that we have not only made an accelerometer for health researchers, but also elite sports coaching.


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