Activinsights speaking & exhibiting at the Society of Behavioral Medicine, Washington DC, March 6-9 2019

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Activinsights will be talking at the Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) on Thursday March 7, 11am-12pm in the Fairchild room to discuss the topic: Behavioral Events: Research, Implementations & the Individual.

This talk will be of significance to anyone who is interested in the effective translation of research into behaviour change outcomes in a digital environment.

The paradigm of event-based behavioural thinking allows the intuitive translation of everyday human behaviours from complex scientific data analytics into meaningful data, so an individual can understand what it tells them about their activities and can use this to improve their overall lifestyle and health. Integrating this novel technique into primary care settings and digital health can support behaviour change initiatives. It enables:

  • The compression of large data sets
  • Interoperable data services from other data sources (such as devices and apps)
  • Patient privacy protocols to be strongly adhered to

Event-based data provides a more meaningful overview of an individual’s lifestyle and how this may be affecting their health. Applications for example include, physical activity and sleep monitoring, tobacco control, mental health and rehabilitation. Where applications require accurate, objective data to identify patterns that occur in everyday living for effective behaviour change interventions and facilitate decision-making for healthcare professionals.

Everyone attending the conference is welcome to join us on Thursday 7th March 11am-12pm. Otherwise whilst at the event please do take the time to visit us in the exhibition area, booth #8 to learn more about our range of professional wearables and lifestyle analysis tools. At the event, we will also be releasing our new R Markdown file for supporting raw data research. The developments in these kinds of analysis tools are set to enhance raw data research capabilities by providing access to simpler analysis within the ‘R’ environment. Example sleep reports will be available to demonstrate what is possible at the event, and we will soon be making the Physical Activity R Markdown available within the next couple of months – watch this space!

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