Activinsights speaking & exhibiting at ICAMPAM, Maastricht, June 26-28 2019

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Activinsights will be talking at the 6th International Conference on Ambulatory Monitoring of Physical Activity (ICAMPAM), as well as chairing a symposium and exhibiting at the event. The first talk, by our CTO, Joss Langford, is on Wednesday 3.05-4pm in the Athens room to discuss the topic:

‘Determination of device orientation, wrist of wear and hand dominance using raw accelerometer data.’

Whilst at ICAMPAM, we are also delighted to be chairing a symposium on Friday 28th June 12.30-1.30pm in Auditorium 2 to discuss:

‘Doubts about Bouts: Time in Bouts of MVPA fails characterize patterns of physical activity’

This symposium will present a range of novel metrics for characterizing physical activity events according to frequency, duration, intensity and pattern, derived from wrist worn accelerometers, that go beyond common practice. This will allow us to examine the relative contribution of each of the characteristics of physical activity on specific health outcomes.
A person’s daily/weekly routine encompasses a series of intermittent physical activity events or bouts that can be characterised in terms of frequency, duration, intensity, type, volume and pattern. The most commonly used variables derived from accelerometer data are limited to the time spent per day/week above a single intensity threshold applied to all datafiles and may lead to misleading conclusions about the prevalence of physical activity and the benefits of bouted activity versus sporadic activity.

Two people who have the same weekly volume of activity can accrue them in different ways. One might have less frequent, longer events incorporating high intensity intervals (e.g., structured exercise) while the other has more frequent, short events with no high intensity intervals (e.g., activities of daily living). Because the two scenarios have the same weekly volume they are treated as being equally active in analysis of the association of physical activity with physiological and metabolic outcomes. This prevents us from understanding the relative contribution of the different characteristics of physical activity events. This is important as specific characteristics are known to have differential effects on different health outcomes.

Attendees of the symposium will leave with a clear understanding of the limitations of current methods for characterizing physical activity as well as a new set of metrics to utilize in their own work. The session will be chaired by Activinsights’ CTO, Joss Langford and will include presentations from Melvyn Hillsdon1, Brad Metclaf1, Joshua Twaites1 & Alex Rowlands2, 1University of Exeter, 2University of Leicester.

Also, at the event is poster 3-33 ‘Using Recurrence Quantification Analysis to translate lab-based studies into free-living domains in wrist-worn accelerometry,’ by Joshua Twaites¹, Melvyn Hillsdon¹, Richard Everson¹, Joss Langford², ¹University of Exeter, ²Activinsights ltd

Everyone attending the conference is welcome to join us on Wednesday & Friday. Otherwise whilst at the event please do take the time to visit us in the exhibition area, booth #7 to learn more about our range of professional wearables and lifestyle analysis tools. At the event, we will also be releasing our new R Markdown file for supporting raw data research. The developments in these kinds of analysis tools are set to enhance raw data research capabilities by providing access to simpler analysis within the ‘R’ environment. Example sleep reports will be available to demonstrate what is possible at the event, and we will soon be making the Physical Activity R Markdown available within the next couple of months – watch this space!

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