Activinsights launches professional wearable at Medica

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Activinsights Ltd is launching a new generation of wearables, designed exclusively for healthcare professionals. The Activinsights Band generates personalised evidence-based lifestyle reports to assist healthcare professionals in the diagnosis and management of specific conditions such as obesity, diabetes and circadian rhythm disorders.

The objective lifestyle insights are generated from data recorded and processed by the Activinsights Band, a 100% waterproof wristband with no charging required.

Since 2008, Activinsights has been working directly with established world leaders in research, academia and healthcare professionals, empowering them to educate patients and improve health through the provision of lifestyle insights.

It is a recognised fact that wearables have a strong role to play in meeting future healthcare needs as they can provide objective measurement of lifestyle and other key factors. The Activinsights Band is based on longstanding experience of the successful design and technological development of wearables within the healthcare industry. It measures movement and intelligently determines behaviours. The data collected is then efficiently analysed to determine and visualise objective lifestyle patterns. The Activinsights Band is quick and easy to use and can be fitted in just a few minutes, providing healthcare professionals with a low-risk intervention and assisting them in the diagnosis and management of specific conditions such as obesity, diabetes and circadian rhythm disorders.

Once the patient has worn the device for a selected wear period, the data is uploaded wirelessly with a single button press and a comprehensive personalised evidence-based lifestyle report is then automatically generated for discussion. The personalised lifestyle report empowers healthcare professionals with objective insights of their patient’s typical week. This supports dialogue around the diagnosis and management of a variety of conditions including obesity, diabetes and sleep disorders. The report facilitates target setting through understanding and modifying lifestyle.

Importantly, the Activinsights Band does not record location data or hold any directly-identifying personal information. All data is recorded and processed in accordance with the Coelition standard to give confidence and transparency to both patients and healthcare professionals.

Activinsights will be launching the Activinsights Band with evidence-based lifestyle reports at Medica, Hall 15, stand B20, 11-15th November 2014, Germany.


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