Activinsights join DiMe Society on The Playbook: The Tour of Duty

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Activinsights are excited to announce that we have joined up with the DiMe Society, Tour of Duty to work on the upcoming Playbook around ‘Driving Adoption of ​The Digital Clinical Measures’.

The Playbook will bring together the best practices from the digital health field into one comprehensive “how-to” document. The Playbook: Driving Adoption of The Digital Clinical Measures’ launched in September 2020, and for the next six months Activinsights will bring its expertise and knowledge around data collection. Through using wearables and other connected devices e.g. phone apps and the insights into the data that support prevention and management of long-term conditions, as ‘the essential industry guide for successfully developing & deploying digital clinical measures and remote monitoring.

The Playbook will be a shared foundation of knowledge to advance the use of digital clinical measurement and look to transform clinical trials, patient care and public health through remote monitoring. The work looks to develop educational initiatives and is due to be released in April 2021.

We will be working with a world-class team, sharing our expertise to achieve a result which drive the adaption of both the Playbook and digital clinical measures.

At Activinsights, we will share our longstanding knowledge around the development of reliable and meaningful digital endpoints for remote patient monitoring. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for the development and adoption of such a framework across the academic and clinical research communities. This will also shape a structure of working beyond COVID-19 and obtaining accurate high-quality for remote patient monitoring.

We will also bring an advanced level of expertise of European legislation including privacy regulations, leading industry know-how in the digital clinical measurement sector and an in-depth experience of advanced data analytics. Activinsights actively support standardised approaches and novel digital endpoint development. We pursue open scientific work within the research sector, and successfully provide remote monitoring across clinical research, clinical care and public health.

Richard Thomas, Managing Director says, “We are proud to be supporting The Playbook; by having a strong structure in place for the development of digital clinical measures and for this to be shared with a wider group will be useful for implementing standard clinical practices and improving patient health.”

The first copy of The Playbook: Digital Clinical Measures is available to download at ​

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