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The Activinsights team were very excited to hear our Technical Director, Joss Langford, discussing wearable technology on BBC Radio 4 – The Bottom Line with Evan Davis & panellists last week. A fantastic programme exploring wearable technology, well worth listening to!

Programme synopsis:

From smartglasses to smartwatches, tech companies like Apple, Google and Samsung are investing big money in technology that you can wear. They’re designed to keep us eternally connected, fully fit and super smart. But will they go mainstream or are they still the preserve of the gadget geeks? Evan Davis and guests discuss how fitness bands that measure how far you walk and how deeply you sleep could transform our healthcare. And hear about the intelligent fabric that’s set to revolutionise the way US and British soldiers are kitted out.


  • Joss Langford, Technical Director, Activinsights
  • Andy Griffiths, President, Samsung UK and Ireland
  • Asha Peta Thompson, Co-founder, Intelligent Textiles

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