made-in-britainSince 2008, Activinsights Ltd has been working with established world leaders in research and academia, leading the way in wrist-worn accelerometry. All data services, device manufacturing and distribution are managed from the company’s UK headquarters in Kimbolton near Cambridge, supplying globally to the professional and research markets.

Our Ethos

We don’t like lots of waffle about this sort of thing, but here are just a few words that we think sum us up quite nicely:

  • Open
  • Honest
  • Customer-centric
  • Technology-based
  • Approachable
  • Professional
  • Scientific

Our Brands

Activinsights, GENEActiv and Oralinsights are all trademarked to Activinsights Ltd.

Activinsights works directly with the healthcare professional, allowing them to educate participants to help improve their overall health through the provision of personalised reports.

Activinsights lifestyle reports are generated from data collected by The Activinsights Band over a one week period. The reports allow activity, sleep and other behaviours to be compared to recommendations, personal targets and targets based on previous wear periods. The information can assist in the effective and efficient diagnosis, treatment and management of specific conditions such as obesity, diabetes and circadian-rhythm disorders.

GENEActiv specialises in wrist-worn, raw data accelerometers for academics in an open source environment

The GENEActiv range of raw data, tri-axial accelerometers are the device of choice for studies at many of the world’s leading universities, hospitals and professional sports bodies. It is deployed in a wide variety of global research initiatives, including studies on daily activity and behaviours, lifestyle, sleep, tremor, sedentary behaviours, fracture rehabilitation and physical activity classification.

Oralinsights provides a revolutionary educational and diagnostic system allowing dentists to educate their patients on how to achieve an improved level of oral hygiene.

Oralinsights’ clinical equipment provides an interactive diagnostic experience to motivate patients and helps dentists to produce personalised reports to facilitate improved brushing techniques. Oralinsights brushes help patients to monitor technique at home between appointments.