Digital Healthcare

We help researchers, clinical organisations & healthcare professionals to better understand patient activity. We specialise in objective behaviour measurement & the analysis of lifestyle in free-living conditions.

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Delivering insight

Our technologies and data analysis approaches are validated by over 500 peer-reviewed scientific papers and are used in over 40 countries. Our dedicated professional services consider all aspects of managing data including: collection, privacy and validation. They are used worldwide within the clinical trials, health management and research markets to provide accurate and objective continuous monitoring of lifestyle outside of the clinic environment. Our relationships with researchers and leaders in public health give us unparalleled access to the evolving global health outlook.

Lifestyle is the most important common factor in the prevention, treatment and management of many  conditions. Accurately understanding the patterns of our activity, sleep, work and leisure is central to making changes for the better. Activinsights has expertise, infrastructure and tools to simplify the process of planning and delivering a successful remote monitoring programme, in a wide range of applications.

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